My Family

My Family

Friday, September 2, 2011


As most of you know by now we are Moving! Clay took a position in Los Gatos, CA so that is where we are headed. We have just gone through 2 very very busy weeks. We were blessed to have the movers pack us up so I thought things would be a lot easier. But, boy was I wrong. A lot of the little things that normally would not take that long took FOREVER with 3 helpers at the house. It took 3 full days for the movers to pack us up and load the truck. It's hard living out of box's and without normal kitchen supplies.
The final morning we went to do the last touch's. When I walked in and saw the things left to do I about had an emotional breakdown. So much cleaning, misc. packing and stuff to do. And..I had 3 kids with No toys or entertainment. I did not think it would get accomplished. I had 2 Angels show up yesterday morning. Aunt Joyce and Uncle Landis walked in and I was on the floor with Cenley. When I heard Aunt Joyce say "relief was here" I seriously felt the biggest sigh of relief. Aunt Joyce helped with kiddos, Uncle Landis helped Clay and got us lunch! We had the best time and accomplished a Lot!! Thank you so much to you just don't know how much we appreciate the help!!!!
A lot of the little things we will be hiring help for and it just feels good to know our house was left with "help" in site. :) We also have a wonderful realtor.

So more to come on our Road trip to Cali with all of the kids and our 2 dogs! Trip of a Lifetime!

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