My Family

My Family

Monday, September 12, 2011


What did we see in Arizona??? Hmmmm...Just the GRAND CANYON. Clay says he needs to create a new Bucket List because he is marking a lot of things off lately. We had to pack a lot in all in a day. We woke up and got going quickly on this day because we wanted to go to see the Grand Canyon and Bearizona! We had planned on taking a train around the Grand Canyon but it was an all day trip and we just didn't have the time. So we drove to a look out point and checked it out at a Great look out point. Amazing isn't a good enough word to describe it. It was absolutely gorgeous. If I wasn't so stressed about one of the kids or dogs falling off the edge I could have stayed there all day long. We kind of took turns at some points where one of us could hold the dogs and kids and the other could check out the canyon a little better. Clay and I would love to come back here and do the horseback tour. How cool would that be!

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