My Family

My Family

Friday, March 13, 2015

Another Cohen update...

I know a lot of my posts are about Cohen, but it's hard not to update the amazing progress I am seeing daily with him.   Cohen was diagnosed at age 3 with Autism and he was considered non verbal because none of his words were actually full on words, they were hummed or not full words..but I actually understood a lot of it. ( Mommy's get it) :)  And skip forward now to Age 5 and my little boy is talking non stop, communicating amazingly with us and others. A lot of his sentences are still from commercials or something he has heard, but he fits it into conversation nicely! :)

But...what I am most excited about is that my Cohen is registered for K-5 next year and will be mainstreamed into the regular classroom. This is one of the main reasons we held him back last year,  so that he would be ready.  I am so very very proud of him.  We will have a lot of work to do I am sure, but I know he can do it!!

And...I have to say that Cohen would not be where he is today without the TEAM of wonderful people that have helped him, and still are.  His progress is not about 1 variable it's about them all.  Yes, we changed his diet and have worked hard with that and have read and worked hard with him, but my Gosh we would be Lost without his ABA therapy, occupational therapy,  preschool teachers, and family and friends.   So, today I just feel thankful at where we are.  Cohen still has Autism, but we are all learning to deal with it, and push through it.