My Family

My Family

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My baby turned 3!!!

Cooper was so ready to get his mitts on those fish!
Cohen..enjoying cake!
Mikeeta, Michael, and Kiley
Erich and Cooper having some fun in the pool!
Kelly, Bill and Erich

As of yesterday I have a 3 year old! I can't believe Cooper is already 3. We have celebrated pretty much all month with the boys, but this past weekend we had a small b-day party for Cooper. His first Big Boy party. We did an Under the Sea theme. We thought it would be fun to set up water games and things outside for the kids. As usual my outdoor events (such as the wedding) bring Rain! So we didn't set up the slip and slide or play the water balloon games but we did have a pool on the patio for the boys to play in. Luckily the rain slowed down enough for them to get out and have a good time. We had our neighbor Erich and his family and Kiley and his family. We all enjoyed hanging out and watching the boys play!
Kiley (6 months) had a fun time in the swing. And Erich and Cooper played hard. We had Nemo cupcakes and ice cream at the end! Fun times..we love celebrating such special times with our special friends! We missed having some of our other friends at the celebration but we were thinking about you :).

Thursday, June 17, 2010


My baby is growing up! We had our One year check up the other day and Cohen is staying
steady in the 90th and 95th percentiles. He is now 26 lbs and I think it was 34 inches (gotta check on that one). And 95 percentile in his head size :).
It just amazes me to see the changes that Cohen has made from the little thing when he was born.
His hair was brown with beautiful, but small blue eyes. Now he is a big boy with blondish hair and big blue eyes. Cohen is the most sweet natured, laid back baby. He is very independent and loves to play with all of his toys. He can go into Cooper's room and play by himself for an hour if he weren't distracted by Big Brother :).
Still not walking but a very fast crawler. He has a different crawl for all surfaces. On the knees on carpet and does a crab walk when he hits the tile. Loves to turn the water off and on in the bath tub, and loves to swim! As soon as he hits the water his little legs start to kicking. First word was Da Da and he says that one All the time! Second word Uh-oh and finally we are saying Momma! But he knows I want him to say it so he kindof laughs and goes back to saying Da Da! Gotta love him.
Cohen just makes me smile!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Cohen

We had a small celebration for Cohen's 1st Birthday recently. Cohen's favorite toys at our
house is definitely Thomas the train! He can't stay away from the train set. So needless to say
we used the Thomas theme :). Clay's parents and Grandmother and my Mom came to our house for our party. We actually celebrated Cooper's 3rd b-day with them too while they were here. It's the month of birthdays for us!!
We grilled some hamburgers and then had cake and ice cream! Cooper was the most excited about having balloons! We had cake right at the boys nap time and you could tell Cohen was tired..he actually almost fell asleep while eating his cake. But not before getting enough icing on him to turn him blue! Lots of fun..we look forward to celebrating Cooper's 3rd b-day Saturday with a few of our friends! I will put some more pictures on the website..but these are a few cute ones.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cohen's Birthday

Well..this is the start of Birthday Month for us! Cohen's 1st Birthday was yesterday. We are doing our main celebrating this weekend with the Grandparents, but I wanted to do something special with the boys on the special day! Clay took an extended lunch yesterday and met us at the mall. We started with lunch at Chic fil a! Filling up some tummies is always a must. Cohen had baby food and yes..he got some fries on his big day! Then we took a couple of rides on the carousel. Cooper for whatever reason is going through a phase where he doesn't want to ride on the horses, but will ride the sleigh. It's funny because he used to love it! Cohen had a smile on his face the entire time! Then we went to Build a Bear! I have been so excited to do this with them! Cooper was unsure of this process. He joined in the fun kind of in the middle. After they built their bear we let them pick out an outfit for their bear. Cooper did not want his bear to have any clothes. Completely pitched a fit about clothes for his bear but when we came across a skateboard..that was that. So his bear has a skateboard and I picked an Alabama t-shirt for Cohen's..mainly because it didn't have buttons on it. They both love their bears..with the names Brown Bear and Bama! Lastly we went and got a Birthday pretzel. Lots of fun and two tired boys when we got home. Perfect!

Memorial Day

We were able to go and visit Clay's family for part of Memorial Day weekend. We drove to Guntersville after church on Sunday and stayed through Monday! Momma Pat offered her downstairs for us to stay where we could spread out. Worked out great! The boys had a really fun time playing. Cooper of course stayed with his Grandpa a good part of the time and Cohen was just well..everywhere! I am surprised I don't have any pictures of Grandpa and Cooper..they must be on Clay's phone. But, some great pictures of Cooper and his Daddy swimming in the lake. Cooper liked getting in the lake but was way more interested in watching his Daddy do flips off of the diving board! Clay wasn't feeling well but made sure to show off for his son :).
We had lots of good food, fun times and memories made!

Tennis in the Park!

We have been very busy this past month or so. I try to pack way too much in and usually everything comes at once. I had Bunco at my house not too long ago, both boys birthdays are this month, and several other b-day's and Father's Day! Whew! We obviously can't do it all but we try. So a few weeks ago we had some time to ourselves and took the boys to the park and I had an opportunity to get Cooper on a tennis court. We play tennis at home and watch it on tv, but he had never seen a tennis court before. I was very happy to see how excited he was and attentive. He really listens to directions and gives it his best. Cohen was on the side lines taking notes :).
I don't know what sport and activities Cooper will be involved in in the years to come but I know he will be well rounded. He seems to like to dabble in them all. He loves to play with his Daddy's skateboards and things and the other day Clay got my wakeboard down for Cooper to try on and he was in heaven!