My Family

My Family

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Life is beginning to have a bit of a routine for us! I am learning the immediate area for the most part. Of course with the help of my handy GPS. Cooper is now in his second week of preschool, which he is really enjoying. We attended Church, where Cooper's preschool is this past Sunday and really enjoyed it. I am excited that there is a MOPS group there, Women's Bible studies, and seems to be a good Children's program.
I still plan on joining the YMCA and getting involved with that. Cooper is ready to start Soccer and t-ball again. So, these are a few pictures we have taken as of lately from around the house.

Pumpkin Patch

We were finally able to take the kids to do something fun this past weekend. There is a Pumpkin Patch really close to our house so we thought that would be fun! The view was just amazing, we could see the foothills behind the farm and it was absolutely beautiful!
There was a petting zoo, pony rides, hayride, train ride, plenty to keep the kids busy.
Everyone had a really fun time!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Cenley is 1

It's hard to believe I have had my 3rd and final 1st birthday with my baby! The firsts are so exciting, it just does not get old. All 3 are so different and each moment is so special! We were in the apartment for Cenley's birthday and also in the process of moving into our new house. Everything was so rushed but we still had a little party for Cenley. We had a quick dinner and cake! The good thing is baby's don't get the rushed part :).
We weren't surprised when Cenley dove right into her cupcake and devoured it! She got a new Leap Frog train for her b-day and Loves it! And the other kids like it too which makes it really hard. All 3 have a lot to learn when it comes to sharing :(.
As for the new things Cenley is doing and learning...well, a lot! Girls really do pick up on things faster than boys in my opinion. I think she actually has more words than Cohen. In fact I am pretty positive she does :). She repeats most words we say.
She says: bye bye, Da DA, Mama, frog, dog, turtle, Here you go, cookie, hair, and I am sure there are more that I am leaving out. Cenley is sweet, sassy, loving, fun and growing up to be a wonderful little girl. We all love her very much!