My Family

My Family

Friday, September 16, 2011

Cara's rants

So I have no one to talk to and all the kids are asleep (which is nice), so I am just gonna spill it all on this here blog. :) California is beautiful, even more so than I expected and we haven't even seen the beaches yet. The people are so friendly..I am actually quite surprised with how sweet and caring all of the people around here are, especially being in the city. I had a sweet lady already invite us to dinner and to come over to play. How nice is that?
Clay is Loving his job, which I am so so happy about. I told him he better like it :). I am so proud of him and how well he is taking care of us in so many ways! I know it is stressful for him to have to up root his family and move us cross country and try to make us all happy and get his job done.
So with that said..I am going CRAZY! We have a nice apartment but it's hard for 3 kids and 2 dogs to be in an apartment all day long. Switch can barely walk..and I have learned I can only take the dogs out when I have Clay's help. So they can't potty until Clay gets home. And then we have to take Switch on the elevator because of her hip. The kids are missing home, missing their toys and so am I!!
We found a house we thought was perfect, but it obviously wasn't meant to be. The owners of the house chose another family because of our dogs. :( I had already mentally moved in. So, we have this apartment until the end of the month and are still trying to find a place to live.
Hopefully, this weekend we will have a chance to look for houses and have LOTS of Fun! I am hoping to check out the beach, the mall and some fun stuff for the boys. We will see.
So...I know this is a pretty boring post but I just needed to get that out. Thanks for listening (reading). :)

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