My Family

My Family

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


When we arrived in Arizona I kept seeing this sign for a place called Bearizona! I immediately wanted to go because I have always wanted to go to a place where you could drive through and see animals close up. It's like a zoo but better :). Clay was so agreeable to anything we wanted to do..just wanted us to all be Happy and enjoy the very long drive.
So we fit this place in on the day we saw the Grand Canyon. This place did not disappoint! We were told the animals would come up to your window and check out your vehicle. But, because we had the dogs in the van the Animal Keepers said they Bears would probably stay away.
We saw wolves, sheep, bison, bears. So COOL!!! One of the wolves slowly got up from his nap, stretched and came over to our van. Straight to our cargo thing on the back and was trying to tear into it so we had to get out of there. :)
After the drive through part there was a nice sized part to walk through. Really pretty and well kept. We saw bear cubs, a fox, baby bison, petting zoo and many more things. The kids had a perfect place to run around and get more energy out!

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