My Family

My Family

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thomas the Train!

As many of you know we LOVE Thomas around here. Cooper has a train table and many trains and he and Cohen play with that stuff all the time. If Coopers door is open that is where Cohen heads.Straight to Cooper's room and climbs on the train table and plays as long as we will let him. They play together pretty well with that stuff now.
And..Thomas was in town this past weekend. We decided to take the boys after Church on Sunday. We bought tickets when we got there and were able to get on the first train ride. This place is really neat. It was a train museum and had a lot of old trains. I wish we had the time to explore some of the trains. We had a fun 20 minute train ride on "Thomas." There was a petting zoo which I loved even more than Cooper. There were baby pigs, a baby cow and ducklings. Cute Cute.


We have had such beautiful weather lately and we are trying to take advantage of it while we can! I take the boys to the zoo probably every other week. It's nice with the pass because we can stay a long time or just for a little walk around. My intentions this past time were for Cooper to play in the water mainly but he was a little intimidated by all of the kids (Spring break and field trips made it busy). So we just checked out all the animals which we can't get enough of. Cooper got an ice cream cone while we were there and I so wish I had a picture of Cohen trying to get his paws on it. They were in the stroller and he was trying so hard to get some too..he actually did get a little hand full :). I can't wait until he can eat the same things.
I had a hair appointment Saturday morning so Clay took the boys out. Cooper needed a hair cut and then Clay took them to the park. Clay got them food and they had food out at Veterans park and big fun. Cooper made some new friends and then got to watch skate boarders in a "hole." Clay loved that Cooper was interested in watching the skateboarders and wants to go back there soon. I think Clay may have found a replacement to wakeboarding until we finally have access to the water one day!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Atlanta Trip 2010

We went on our annual Atlanta trip this past weekend. This was Coopers 3rd time and Cohen's first. We always say we are going to go to some new places, but time does not allow us to do more than the Aquarium and Zoo..that we just can't skip. The boys are worn out with just one place a day. This was the first time we have had all four of us in a hotel room. So Clay searched and found the perfect hotel where we could spread out and all sleep. worked..I actually think everyone was so tired they may have slept fine in a smaller place! :) But, we enjoyed it.

Cooper was super excited about going to the Aquarium, ready to see some fish. It was a rough start for the boys..grumpy from being tired and in the car. But, ended up being fun and Cooper got to see a real Nemo! Of course we had to come out of there with new babies. Each boy got a Beluga whale. It tell you have made that place a souvenir trap! You have to walk by all of that stuff to get out the door :). After checking into the hotel Clay left and got us a wonderful dinner we could eat in the hotel. Outback..our favorite! Yummy!

The next day was the Zoo! We only went with a stroller for Cohen. Clay felt like Cooper was old enough to walk. Mommy's know better though! I told him we better rent one of their strollers for when he gets tired. Clay didnt want to. Before we could make it to the first exhibit Clay was in line getting a stroller. :) I had to throw that one in. So after getting Cooper getting a ride things went pretty smoothly. We saw lots of fun animals. Coopers favorite by far were the Meer Cats. (sp) I love the Pandas!

So anyway, it was a short but fun trip with the family, and for right now about all we can handle!!

Monday, April 5, 2010


We had a very special Easter this year, well every year. But, this was Cohen's first. The Easter Bunny came to visit the boys. Cooper has really enjoyed eating ALL of his candy. I have really had to ration it for him. Clay and I had nursery duty at church, so no service for us. It is a bit much for Cohen to handle missing a nap and having over 2 hours at church. So our nursery days we don't make it into the service. The boys looked adorable in their Easter outfits. (which we don't do dressy stuff at our church) And well..i can't believe I don't have a picture of Cohen in his outfit. Horrible Mommy. We got home from church and everyone was hungry and tired. After naptime we took the boys to Botanical Gardens..which was lots of fun. Would have been better if Cooper didn't have about 4 time outs there! That's just the way it usually goes. :) He really enjoys going places but wants things to go HIS way, so we are working on that one.
Anyway, here are a few picutres of our day. And I will post more on Cooper's website.


Finally..Spring is here! We have actually been doing stuff lately I have just been slacking on blogging. This weather brings with it so much for us. And apparently allergies are part of it. I have been a little sick, Cohen has kept a runny nose. But we are still staying busy outside!! Luckily the boys love the outdoors because their Momma does too. We have been to the park, the zoo, but mainly playing hard in the back yard. Thought I would share some pictures. As you can see Cohen is now into trains too, Cooper doesn't quite know what to think of his brother climbing all over his table and grabbing trains.

Our New Ride worst fear came true! I am now driving a mini van! When we found out we were having our third baby we knew we would have to change my vehicle. And the most economical option is a mini van. So Clay did some research and found the best one he could! My main thing I wanted was leather seats for easy clean up..can't go back to cloth seats after seeing the damage done by even one child :).
But.. after driving the van for a few weeks I have learned how much easier life could be. I can load up the kids both on one side of the van..much easier and so much more space. No getting around being a soccer Mom and well..I kind of like it!
This is a picture of our first ride with the boys in the van. Cooper loves the back seat to himself. He had to wear his bicycle helmet for some reason. :)