My Family

My Family

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Zoo Trip

We made our first zoo trip as a family of 5 last weekend! Cooper has been so anxious to go and we finally had a beautiful weekend. We decided to load up early so we could dodge some of the crowd and also get back before nap time!
We had it planned out perfectly I would say. The double stroller for the boys and single one for Cenley. Snacks and juice! Cenley had already been fed. We had the best time, everyone was really happy and really well behaved. I have to say this was definitely a "test trip" to see how many more little day trips we would plan in the near future. I love our little family and really enjoyed their sweet expressions. And I actually look forward to our next trip! :) (as long as eating out is not involved)

Look What I can Do?

My little Cenley is growing up so fast. She is 4 months already!! I just wish I could slow things down sometimes. She is such a wonderful baby! She was sleeping through the night consistently but as of lately has decided to wake up a little early. But..she eats and goes right back to sleep. So I am not complaining.
We have lots of activities that she really enjoys now..which really helps me out. I don't feel like she is so bored anymore. She loves to do the jumper (which both boys did), the baby gym and her new exersaucer. She also sits in her bumbo seat and plays with toys (sort of). Holds on to them at least. We have started giving her a little cereal sometimes. Because she was waking up early I thought she just needed a little extra, but she isn't quite into the solids yet. So here are a few pictures of our little Princess in action!

Christmas/New Year's in Guntersville

Yes, I admit it I am such a slacker with this blog! I really do have good intentions on keeping this blog up in a timely manner, but life is well..busy!

We went to Guntersville this year to celebrate New Years as well as celebrate Christmas with Clays family. We enjoyed lots of family time with everyone and wonderful food. The kiddos got some really fun toys and stayed very busy playing and enjoying all of the attention.