My Family

My Family

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Today is the day! The Big Orange truck is at our house with our stuff :). We told Cooper but he doesn't even show excitement. Why? Because I think he has to believe it when he sees it. We have told him for weeks we will have our stuff soon so he doesn't know what to think. Actually..I think I do too.
So we are at the apartment, hopefully for the last full day. We are actually trapped because Cohen has the stomach bug. So no park today means very very Wild kids. Ughhh...
So in the past month I have had strep throat, which Clay has now. The dogs had stomach bug, then Cooper, now Cohen and a little bit with Cenley. We have celebrated 2 birthdays and we have Survived it all. Yay us! Life is about to really begin for us here in California.
Thanks for all of the prayer and support!! We love and miss you all.

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