My Family

My Family

Monday, November 1, 2010

Cooper's Fall Festival

Cooper's school had a Fall Festival on Friday. Mom watched the crew while I was able to go and help out. They made a costume at school to wear for the day. I was so impressed to see how sweet and "good" the class was. I learned while I was there that Cooper has a nick name. It's not what I is "Super Cooper." I thought that was funny. The festival was in doors and consisted of about 10 stations. The first was a picture taken together and by themselves and then the next one they did a tattoo. Following those were a lot of games. Everyone took their turns and sat down in their line, I was very impressed with them all. At the end Mrs. Jennifer took them back to the class to decorate cookies. So much fun and very cute :).

ONE Month already

We had Cenley's 4 week check up last week. Wow time is really going fast already.
It was nice though to be able to take her by myself and be able to talk with the Doctor in peace. I knew she had grown a little at least in length. She is now 8lbs 6oz and 21 inches long. 25th percentile (our tiny baby). :)
Cenley pretty much sleeps all the time right now but I still have lots of fun dressing her up and and having some Girl time!

Thank you!

So this post has been a long time coming. We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family that are so supportive and helpful to us. I would like to think Clay and I can do it all, but we can't. What a struggle it would be to not have so much support. All of the kind words, advice, food, love, prayer and helping hands,we are so so grateful!
With that said I have to say my Mom (Gammy) has been what has really gotten me through the first few weeks. Wow! When you are told you can't lift your babies for 6 think you can do it..but it's not really possible. I have broken that rule for sure but Mom has helped me out where I haven't over done it. I know she was exhausted and "overworked" but I just want to say Thank you and we all Love you very much.