My Family

My Family

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cenley Grace

We welcomed our baby girl to this world yesterday at 12:47. Cenley was 6lbs 11 oz and 19inches long. She is beautiful with dark brown hair and tiny little features! Completely healthy, thank God! She has a little birth mark under her nose, the nurse calls it a "Stork Bite." But, the Doctor says it could fade with time.
I can't take my eyes off of my beautiful girl and am so excited about sharing Mother and Daughter moments with her. Mom brought the boys to the hospital to see us and meet their new sister. Cooper loved seeing his sister, "Kimmie" and Cohen didn't seem to notice she was here. I know there will be many exciting moments when we are all at home together!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ready or Not

So we have 2 weeks left until our Cenley Grace arrives! I am so anxious for her to be here. I don't know if I am exactly ready but..still ready to meet her and hold her. We have finally got the rooms ready. Still have a little work to do in both, but both are about as ready as they are going to be. The boys have done wonderfully in the same room which is a major shocker to me! The nap time has become shorter because Cohen sleeps less but I guess we will all have to deal. Clay is going to build some shelves over the cabinet he had already made and we will have some added storage. They are so cute in the same soon as it is finished I will post pictures of that!
Cenley's room needs some pictures for her room and few little things I want to pick up but other than that we just need her! :)

Our Scare

So we had a fun Labor Day weekend until the very end!! I was feeling a little sick (stomach bug). So Clay kept the boys outside a lot, thankfully we had beautiful weather! They had played hard and just left the swing set on their way down to the house. Cooper and Cohen had gone to the side yard and Clay was catching up with them. Mobie was doing her crazy sprints she does when the weather is nice. She is 11 and we think she can't see so well anymore! (now we really do) She ran straight into Cooper's back and he slammed into a tree face first. Clay came yelling in the house for me to get out there and the first thing I see is my Cooper covered in blood and Clay covered in it as well. Cooper is yelling for Mommy to help and Clay just wants me to handle Cohen. We decided to call 911 because we just didn't know what to do. We got the bleeding to slow down and cleaned him up. By the time the firemen arrived at the house (who were wonderful) we had really gotten things under control. It's just hard to know what call to make when you see your baby in that kind of distress. Clay took Cooper to the ER and he had to spend a long evening waiting for help. I packed him a bag of books, toys and snacks. Clay said he was really good and they read the books over and over. I am just glad my baby is ok and am so thankful for all of the prayers we received while waiting. The picture I am attaching does not show how bad he looked that night. He had a fat lip and the inside is where the main cut was.

School Days

I can't believe my Cooper has already started 3 year preschool. I didn't know what to expect from him. It has been so much better than expected. I signed him up for only 2 days a week, which I think is perfect for his first year. His teacher is wonderful and Cooper loves to go! He only tells me he looks forward to going to play with cars, but I know by the art work sent him and the songs he sings he is doing so much more! We don't have a lot of little friends to play with so it is really nice to have more socialization for him..and he LOVES his new friends. Cooper also thinks it is cool that he has a lunch box like his Daddy does.
They will be learning Bible verses, painting, music and so much more. I am so excited for him and love my few hours to spend with Cohen as well. Cohen comes home and has a nap and then is able to play with all the toys by himself, and he seems to be in Heaven! :)