My Family

My Family

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Road Trippin to CA

Well..we did it!! We packed up our dogs, our 3 kids and all of our stuff! We took our minivan and drove cross country. I have to tell you it was a bit stressful, but the best trip of our lives. I didn't know our country was as beautiful as it is. We saw so much and enjoyed stopping and relaxing at various places. I will have to break up our trip into shorter blogs so I can try and share pictures of each place.
The first part of the trip was a bit boring because it kind of just looked like Alabama, which is nice (we love it) but just land that we have already seen. The kids watched a lot of movies and played with their toys. The Grandparents stocked them with toys. Nana got them backpacks and made them blankets. I am so appreciative too. I didn't realize how fast it would hit them that they did not have their toys. So having some things we could pull out of their bags and cheer them up really helped.
We stopped at least 5 times at Cracker Barrel..I think the last state with Cracker Barrel was Arizona! We didn't know they were that far west! And ofcourse we found McDonald's everywhere that the kids could get out and stretch and play. I can't tell you how proud I am of my babies. They were Amazing for such a long trip, without their schedules and toys. Don't get me wrong everyone got fussy here and there but that is just Normal :).
Well..the blogs will continue with pictures of some of the places we saw!

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