My Family

My Family

Monday, April 25, 2011

Our attempts at Easter pictures


We had a fun and relaxing Easter Celebration at home! The Easter Bunny visited the kids, we went to Church, attempted pictures, played outside, grilled and hunted eggs with the neighbors. Perfect day I would say..well other than having our extended family all together!
Cenley was up first so we were able to spend time with her 1st Easter and Easter Basket. She really enjoyed digging in her bucket to see what she had. I thought it was funny that she kept grabbing the that what I am in store for? :)
Cohen was up next and went straight to his bucket and grabbed his Pluto and then went to get Cenley's Minnie Mouse. Not surprised, because his favorite baby is Mickey Mouse! Then he dove in to his candy. Really glad the Easter Bunny didn't give him too much of that stuff! Finally Cooper was up..and he slowly came in to check out his goodies. He surprised me how calm he was about it. He has talked about the Easter Bunny coming for a week. His favorite thing was Cohen's book..he immediately started reading it. Love all these memories being made!

Easter Weekend!

Saturday we went to visit the Grandparents in Guntersville. Everyone loves road trips so they got in the car with toys, blankets, snacks and all excited to go visit their Grandparents. Having a movie in the car kind of helps with that excitement! :)

We planned it out so that the boys could eat some lunch that we picked up when we got to Nana and Grandpa's house and everyone could have naps while we had and Adult lunch with the family. It worked out perfectly. We enjoyed some wonderful barbecue and chocolate cake and Mama Pats house. When the kids woke up it was time for some FUN!

Nana and Grandpa gave the kids some fun treats and then we went outside for the fun Aunt Sandy had in store. She had hid some eggs in the backyard so they had their 1st Egg Hunt ever! Cooper dove right in and Cohen had to have some encouraging. When Cohen did find an egg he immediately squatted down opened the egg and enjoyed the treat he found! Really cute. The only hard part was keeping them from heading to close to the Lake.

The kids played really hard and were completely filthy..which = very Happy Kiddos.
Thank you Aunt Sandy for the Easter egg hunt and food..we really missed ya'll!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Boys

I have been waiting patiently for my Boys to play together. Not just in
the same room but actually "together." Well, I am seeing my dream come true
more and more lately. Cooper has really found ways to play with Cohen. He gets
down to his level and does things he thinks Cohen will like. We ate our dinner outside last night and the boys sat at their table. Cooper wanted to sit next to Cohen. Next thing we know he is feeding Cohen his food. Not that Cohen needs help with that anymore but in Cooper's eyes Cohen is still a baby. He was asking Cohen where his nose, eyes, and ears were. So cute to watch him try to teach Cohen things. It's obviously what he has seen me doing with Cohen.
The other day I went downstairs to the play room to see what the boys were up to. It was way to quiet, which usually means they are up to no good. The picture I put up will show what I found.. :). They had turned on a movie for themselves gotten in the recliner "together" and were covered up with a blanket! That was the best moment ever!!

Cenley meets her Grandma

This past visit was really exciting because it was the first time Grandma (my Dads Mom) met Cenley. We had Grandma and Aunt Joyce over for lunch one day. The boys were so excited to see them but I think it was a little much for Grandma. Understandably. Grandma gave Cooper some coins to put in his piggy bank and that was really exciting for Cooper.
I decided to take Cenley over to Grandma's another day so she had some one on one time with Cenley. A lot easier for her to hold her and enjoy her with out my Wild boys!

We also went to see Aunt Sue and Uncle Gene's new house. (which is beautiful) We couldn't stay long because once again the kids are WILD and were not contained with toys. But, Uncle Gene had his golf cart out and gave the boys a ride around the property. They Loved it!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Beach Day

Gammy and I decided to brave it and take the kiddos to the beach! We decided to go to Dauphin Island because it's a little closer. The lesson we learned is that just because it's closer doesn't make it better. We had to walk a long way with 3 kids and a LOT of stuff. But, it was a beautiful day and a lot of fun. I thought it would be too cold for the kids to get in the water, but Nope they were ready to go. Back and forth to the water with the boys, playing in the sand, and a picnic.
Cohen is going to be a little water bug this Summer for sure. He loved it..we couldn't keep him out. And Cooper was jumping in the waves as well. Can't wait for a little vacation this Summer where we have our stuff a lot closer (and a place for naps). :)

Road Trippin

I finally broke down and drove down to Mobile with all 3 kids by myself. I hadn't been to Mobile since I was 7 months pregnant with Cenley. So I was itching to get home and see friends and family. The trip went pretty smoothly, stops are a little rough but I figured it out and did much better on the way back.
Gammy had lots of treats and fun stuff in store for us all. I just don't know how my kids get so spoiled :). We had wonderful weather and were able to play outside a Lot! It works great that there is a fence and the boys can come and go and I can see them. Gammy had a sandbox all set up and toys toys toys. Cooper doesn't forget where the toys are when he goes to the Grandparents house and works and works until every last one are out of the closet!
We did lots of fun stuff and I will have to separate some posts so I can post extra pictures. We went to the park, family visits, beach, church..lots of fun :).


I have recently become a real Soccer Mom! We found the perfect place in Chelsea for Cooper to play soccer. It's only one day a week, which is perfect for us! It's one hour long. They do drills with the kids for the first half and they play a game the second half.
Cooper started last week and was a little confused. He loved doing the drills but during the game he kind of walked the field most of the time. He came to us once and asked for a snack. :) Told him he could wait at least an hour for food.
This past Sunday we saw a lot of progression. He went out and did the drills and ran the field with the other kids the entire time. He really only had the ball once but he stuck with it. I think he wants to be a Goalie because he stays in the net a LOT! :)
We are very proud of our Cooper for playing his best and having great Sportsmanship!

Cohen and Daddy's Day Out!

Thomas the Train is back in town! And if you know our Cohen very well you know he absolutely LOVES Thomas. Ever since he could sit up he has played with trains. Not just a little but All day long. If he is not at the table with them he is holding some wherever he is. Cohen connects the tracks and builds bridges the ways he wants them. So much fun to watch.
We asked Cooper if he wanted to go see Thomas and he really just wanted to stay home and play outside. He didn't want to hear the loud whistle. So we thought it was the perfect opportunity for Clay to take Cohen for a Day out all to himself.So they loaded up and went to Calera. The tickets to ride Thomas were all sold out unfortunately, but there was a smaller open air train that worked just as well. All the same to Cohen. So, they bought a ticket to ride that train, Cohen got a Thomas tatoo on his hand. He got to go to a petting zoo, walk through trains, and sounds like his favorite thing was the tent with Thomas the trains set up for him to play with. Clay said they spent a lot of time in there and the only time Cohen cried was when he had to leave that tent!
So happy my boys had a fun time out! :)