My Family

My Family

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bunk Beds seems like we are always buying new furniture for a new baby, bigger size bed or something. The boys share a room and it' not very big. So when we decided to take Cohen out of his crib we really didn't have a lot of options. I wanted a play area in their rooms and Clay wanted bunk beds that's what we did.
The boys were VERY excited!!! Clay put them together and I got them some new bedding. And the boys played together in the bottom bunk..very good to see! Night one was great..Cohen stayed in the bed all night until around 6:30 (normal wake up time). This time instead of one little guy coming into our room we got 2. But, after the first night of excitement Cohen has found his new found freedom. He likes to get out of bed and get toys and play. So that part is still a work in progress!

Father's Day

We had a pretty laid back Father's Day weekend, but a fun one! Friday night we had an actual Date! Well Clay, Cenley and I had a date :). We have a wonderful babysitter that the boys love but I still haven't left little Priss yet. She screams when I leave a room still. Saturday, we went to Veteran's Park, that Clay likes to take the boys. We had a nice picnic, played at the playground and then Clay and Cooper went to the Skateboard park for a while. The skateboard park is pretty neat. There is a bowl for the skateboarders and lots of ramps. Cooper loves that place. He is interested in trying everything and riding like the big kids and he does his best!
When we got home we had a message from our good friends (The Fieldings) to come over and b-cue and swim. They have 3 boys and our kids play together wonderfully! Some of our other friends were there as well..and we had a blast!
Sunday was family day. We went to church and came home and all hung out together. Grilled dinner and enjoyed each other. The boys gave their Daddy his gift and I think he was really excited about it. We gave him some new Oakley sunglasses. He has been wearing an old pair of my sunglasses for the past few years. He didn't want to buy anymore after Cooper got a hold of his other ones when he was a baby and well you know! :)
Anyway...we all enjoyed celebrating Father's Day together!! We missed spending the day with Clay's Dad this year but we love him and appreciate him very much! And I miss my Dad but I thought about him a lot and all of the memories we could be making with him!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cooper's 4th Birthday

Well...we have just concluded Birthday Month! With both boys having a birthday in June we stay pretty busy. We try to celebrate with both sides of the family and of course we like to celebrate as a family on the actual day! I know everyone is not completely interested in our Oh So exciting lives but I like to post these events and keep them for the kids to enjoy in the future!
So we asked Cooper what he wanted to do/eat for his birthday and this is his response. I want a Spiderman birthday cake, party makers (noise makers), and balloons. And for dinner he requested pizza! Pretty easy, I sure wish it would stay this way. Gammy was in town for this party and we waited for Clay to come home with dinner and balloons! The boys wore their Spiderman pj's and the party began! The boys had a really fun time especially with their balloons. Cooper requested we sing to him twice! He said sing, Happy Birthday to you!" So we did. :)
Last we did presents and Cooper hadn't even thought of that part and he was completely overwhelmed! The kids got him a Spiderman vehicle and we got him a game thing that he loves.


T-ball has officially begun in the McCoy household!! I have been looking forward to this day even more than Soccer! I think it's because I played softball and know more about it. Cooper was excited to get all of his gear and go to practice but really had no clue about all of the rules and what it was all about. We are about halfway through the season now and we can see so much progression already. It's so fun watch him play with his team and learn so much in such a short time! He has such wonderful Coach's which really makes this a Great first experience.
Cooper really loses his focus about halfway through practice and games but gives it his all at the beginning!We are very proud of our little t-ball player. Go Cubs Go!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


It's hard to post all the pictures I want so here are more from the Gardens! :)