My Family

My Family

Friday, December 31, 2010

Parnell Family

My Dad's brother, Uncle Landis, and his wife Aunt Joyce live here in Chelsea. I feel so lucky to have them so close. It would be hard to keep up with each other if they lived further away. Also my cousin Katrina and her husband Wade live close by. Our cousin Brian and his family live in Robertsdale but they were in town too. So we were able to get the entire Parnell crew together on Christmas afternoon (with the exception of Grandma).
We even managed to get pictures! Wish we could do this more often (hint hint) :)
Love Ya'll!!

White Christmas

We got a beautiful White Christmas this year! How wake up with beautiful snow flakes to watch all day. Not much stuck, but it was so fun to watch and enjoy. We actually had to wake Cooper up for Christmas this year. Brent's kiddos were waiting patiently in their tent so they could come up and see what Santa had brought. So Clay woke up the boys so they could all go in together. The kids loved all of their gifts and yes it was Wild with 6 kids getting their Christmas in one small area but so fun! The adults did our stockings. We had a nice breakfast and then opened up our family gifts. Lots of wonderful presents, but most of all I think we just enjoyed being together (at least I did). :)
The kids got to play all day with their presents and later when a little snow stuck the Clay and Brent took them out to play. Avery was ready to do her snow angels and the boys and dogs played hard. Clay of course took Cooper to the top of the hill in the woods and let him ride the snow board down!
We had a wonderful late lunch. I ate way too much and we have just finished with the left overs. Thank you Gammy for all you did..we would have never accomplished all of that with out you!! And there is more..To be continued..

Getting ready for Santa

Christmas Eve was a pretty busy day! The kids were able to get out and play some in the morning with the Daddy's! We went to the Christmas Eve service at church..which didn't work out so much for us. Usually the music is a little more up beat so we thought the kids could handle it. (no child care) But, one by one at church we had to walk them out. Cenley was the first to go :). Aunt Merritt packed snacks and once they were gone the kids were DONE! Cooper thought he was at the movies and asked for some popcorn! We gave it a shot! Before leaving for the church service Santa Claus came by on a fire truck. The kids thought it was pretty cool, but Santa didn't stop so they didn't appreciate that. Gammy cooked us a yummy meal for dinner. She brought crab claws and picked up chicken tenders for the kids and lots of other good stuff!
Merritt brought the ingredients for the kids to make reindeer food and Brent took the out front to feed the reindeer. One of the cutest things I have ever seen. They walked in a circle around the yard spreading it all over! So many memories being made.
The kids went to sleep with much anticipation of Santas arrival!


We were so excited to get the entire family together for Christmas from my side! We haven't seen Brent and Merritt and family for a year! This was also the first time I met Graham and he met Cenley. So we had 5 adults, 6 kids and 3 dogs all in our house! It was a wild and fun time..I think everyone really enjoyed it. Clay put a tent up in the basement for Avery and Griffin. Might as well make it lots of fun if you are sleeping in sleeping bags. They seemed to really enjoy it and they had flashlights with them as well. It was really cold while they were here so we werent able to get out much. So I will post pictures to show the fun they had. I will have to write more than one Christmas post so I can fit everything in!!

Cohen's 1st Haircut

I have had a hard time bringing myself to take Cohen to have his 1st haircut!! I love
his precious hair and it just means he is a big boy. But, there has been no taming the mess so I had to break down and do it! Clay had trimmed it a little but never a full out hair cut!
I of course waited until Mom was in town so I could have HELP! There was quite a little wait with Mom and all 3 kids but we accomplished it. Cohen found him a friend while waiting. My kids meet no strangers (which is kind of scary). This rather large man kept talking to Cohen and Cohen was just checking him out. All of a sudden he decided to go over to the man and climb up on his lap. :) Yes I allowed it, Shocker! It was adorable.
Here are a few action shots! Cohen was great..although he was very interested in touching the comb and scissors.

Cooper's School Christmas Party

I helped with Cooper's Christmas Party at School and had to bring ALL 3 kids with me!!
It actually went pretty well the kids were pretty good. They had a pizza party, games, and a Birthday cake for Jesus! And..lots of goodies to bring home.
Cooper is so excited to show me his class when I come and is always on his best behavior. I just wish it would always be that way!! :) I am so proud of his manners and sharing and I know being in preschool is really helping him with these things.

All Together!

Our attempt to get everyone in a picture together. We can't get all the kids to cooperate at the same time :(. This is the best we have so far.


Yes I am over a month behind on blogs! I hope I can remember everything :).
We celebrated Thanksgiving this year with Clay's family. We go for the day and pack like we are staying for a week.
The kids enjoyed themselves as always, they love all the attention they get and play non stop. It's hard to get Cooper to stop and eat but not Cohen! He enjoyed every bite. Thank you Aunt Sandy for those yummy mashed potatoes (by far his favorite)!!
We enjoyed seeing Banning before he left for a camping trip. Then we enjoyed a delicious meal with Mama Pat, Nana, Grandpa, Aunt Sandy, Uncle Ray and his girlfriend.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Cooper's Fall Festival

Cooper's school had a Fall Festival on Friday. Mom watched the crew while I was able to go and help out. They made a costume at school to wear for the day. I was so impressed to see how sweet and "good" the class was. I learned while I was there that Cooper has a nick name. It's not what I is "Super Cooper." I thought that was funny. The festival was in doors and consisted of about 10 stations. The first was a picture taken together and by themselves and then the next one they did a tattoo. Following those were a lot of games. Everyone took their turns and sat down in their line, I was very impressed with them all. At the end Mrs. Jennifer took them back to the class to decorate cookies. So much fun and very cute :).

ONE Month already

We had Cenley's 4 week check up last week. Wow time is really going fast already.
It was nice though to be able to take her by myself and be able to talk with the Doctor in peace. I knew she had grown a little at least in length. She is now 8lbs 6oz and 21 inches long. 25th percentile (our tiny baby). :)
Cenley pretty much sleeps all the time right now but I still have lots of fun dressing her up and and having some Girl time!

Thank you!

So this post has been a long time coming. We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family that are so supportive and helpful to us. I would like to think Clay and I can do it all, but we can't. What a struggle it would be to not have so much support. All of the kind words, advice, food, love, prayer and helping hands,we are so so grateful!
With that said I have to say my Mom (Gammy) has been what has really gotten me through the first few weeks. Wow! When you are told you can't lift your babies for 6 think you can do it..but it's not really possible. I have broken that rule for sure but Mom has helped me out where I haven't over done it. I know she was exhausted and "overworked" but I just want to say Thank you and we all Love you very much.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cenley Grace hits the 2 week mark

My sweet baby girl is growing so much already! I can't believe she is already 2 weeks old. We had her 1st Doctor check up at 1 week and she was still 6 lbs 9oz. But, I can tell she has really filled out this past week and has grown a little.
We have already had a photo shoot with her which was so much fun for me! Melissa Well's did her photos and came to our house and did a complete set up in our dining room. I couldn't believe all of the props. There were heaters and warming blankets which kept her happy. It was so much fun to watch her get all dressed up and pose for pictures. Absolutely adorable!
I have had some fun dressing her up as well. :) The boys are doing great with Cenley. I am amazed at what a big helper Cooper is being with his's a lot different than when we had Cohen. Cohen on the other hand is a little rough so I have to keep her up and away from him. He doesn't understand quite yet but I think he will be a wonderful big brother.

Grandparents visit with Cenley

We had a visit from the Grandparents this past weekend excited to see their new Granddaughter as well as see the boys! They brought some lunch which we greatly appreciated and had a fun time outside with the kids. Everyone enjoyed their time holding Cenley and playing with the attention seeking Cooper and Cohen! We also had a visit from Bryson and his wife Juli and 2 girls. The kids played hard together while Clay was able to visit with his cousin.
Cenley was given some beautiful gifts! Lots of clothes and a beautiful blanket!
The boys weren't left out with some Trains and about a years worth of pj's! :) Thanks Nana and Mama Pat! As usual I think the Grandparents were ready to get home and rest after a long day of playing.
We had so much fun and really enjoyed the visit!