My Family

My Family

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Who Loves some Krispy Kreme?

Need an excuse to eat some Krispy Kreme's? It doesn't take much for me.
Go to this site to see how to get a deal at KK.

I think I need to have a play date and a few box's of these! Hmmm...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sweet Cohen

Cohen is growing..and growing..and growing some more! He is the sweetest and most laid back baby! His little personality is starting to really show these days. He loves his brother like none other..he watches him and laughs and really responds to Cooper. I love to watch them inter act. I can see how close they will be in the future.
Cohen is taking his time on the mobility part of things. He is trying to crawl a little, but hasn't quite figured it out. He knows he can just roll to what he wants. He is all over the place when he rolls.
I just started giving Cohen little snacks and he LOVES to eat those. He double fists them and shoves them in as fast as he can. :)
I Love him more and more every day!


We made our first trip to Gymboree this week..thanks to my good friend Erica for inviting us. I had been wanting to take them, but just a little intimidated about going by ourselves. Erica's husband was there as well..and well Cooper took advantage. Thanks Richie :).
I was very impressed at how well the kids all interacted and played. Although..we do have to work on our leaving skills. Cooper didn't go out with out kicking and screaming :(.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year's

We went to Mobile New Year's weekend to celebrate Christmas and New Year's with Mom. We decided to leave early Thursday so we could make it to see Chris in the 33 Mile's concert that night. We didn't realize his band didn't play until 11 so we ended up staying out until midnight. Really late for us :). But, it was worth it. I was so proud to see Chris up there on the stage. I wish we had our camera with us to get some pictures.
Mom had lots of sweets that I really didn't need but LOVED. Cooper loved playing with his Gammy. Mom made a really good New Year's meal and Grandma came over as well. Grandma wanted to take us out to eat but we thought it would be easier to just eat at the house. So Cooper and Clay picked her up and they picked up a lot of seafood from Banana Dock's... which was delicious. We of course played some cards when the boys went down for there naps.
We had visits with a lot of other family as well. Aunt Joan, Aunt Sue and Uncle Gene all came to visit and see the boys ..which was lot of fun.