My Family

My Family

Monday, August 22, 2011

The McCoy Family Adventure

Well...A Lot has been going on with our family lately. It's hard to put it all into words actually. A few words to describe what is going on: Chaotic, Crazy, Exciting, Scary, Fun. Clay has found a job that seems to meet all of the needs of his "Dream Job." The problem is it's across the U.S. in California. We found out less than a month ago and have already put our house up for sale. We have one week left before we go and what are we doing? Well..we are on Vacation of course! :P
So, when we get back to reality there will be movers at our house packing it up and moving all of our belongings to storage in CA. We will be staying in corporate housing until we find a place. Clay and I decided rather than fly our family of 5 and 2 dogs to California we will take a week road trip and see the country. The kids are great in the car so that shouldn't be too bad. WE will just make lots of McDonalds and Chicfila stops..(wherever there are playgrounds). We plan to see the Grand Canyon, Los Vegas, and some places in New Mexico. So this next few years of our lives will definitely be different, possibly lonely at times and scary. But, we will have each other and make the most of what is to come! We really would appreciate lots of prayer for this next venture in our lives!!

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