My Family

My Family

Monday, March 7, 2011

Cenley 5 months

The baby stage is going by so so fast! I just want to hold on to each moment
I have with my baby girl. Every time she has a first I treasure it because I am pretty sure it's the last of the baby stages I will experience until ummm Grand babies :).

Cenley is 15 1/2 lbs now. She is the happiest baby which I am so thankful for. She loves her brothers and appreciates their humor! She has rolled over once which I thought was great and cute! But..I am not completely ready for her to be mobile.

I have so much fun dressing her up and taking her on shopping trips with me! Enjoying it all when I can!

Cenley loves her baby food the messiness has started. Glad she is taking solids but it is not fun! Here are a few pictures of our Princess!

Valentine's Day

We try to make every day special but we have lots of fun celebrating all of the Holidays! Any excuse for sweets and treats right? :) We made Valentine's cupcakes one day which everyone Loved! Clay and I celebrated a little early with a nice dinner out and had a very fun filled Valentine's Day together as a family!
I was able to go to Cooper's school for his V-day party by MYSELF!! It was so nice and quite easy to go and enjoy Cooper in his environment and give attention to only him.
The kids had lots of sugary treats, did a craft and gave each other Valentine's.


My first born, Cooper Ashton, oh how much I love him. He is such a smart, bright, athletic boy. He has the sweetest personality, funny and loving. But..oh how this child likes to test me! He is testing me all he can every step of the way! If you have heard the term "terrible 2's," I just have to say that is nothing to our "terrible 3's." He is not terrible for sure but very much strong willed. I think in the long run it will be a good thing but right now it sure is tough!
Cooper loves to play any sport! Tennis, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, skateboarding! That makes me smile, I love to watch him play! He listens to instructions on sports very well because he really wants to do it correctly. I love that about him.
Cooper loves Church and school! (which are at the same place) And I think it has been really good for him to spend time away from me. He loves his friends and has learned to share and also to take turns doing things. He loves doing art work at school. But, he says his favorite things to do are playing outside and eating lunch :).
We are very proud of our boy and look forward to seeing the big boy he is becoming!

Cohen..Our Sweet Pea!

Cohen is such a Joy! It's hard to believe he is already 21 months. He is a big boy but he is all baby! He loves to cuddle and give love, read books, listen to music and above all he LOVES Mickey Mouse! He loves to watch Mickey Mouse and also carries his Mickey baby everywhere with him.
He is Mr. Independent..just plays in his room or in the playroom. Everything becomes a track for his trains. He could play with them all day. From the moment he wakes up he is going going and going. Climbing on things, getting into things and playing with toys.
Cohen sometimes likes to "help me out" with Cenley. So, if I hear Muahhhh or something similar to that I run! Because I know he is hovering over her. It's usually a quick kiss or hug or sometimes a sip of juice but he doesn't realize his size! :)
When it comes to Cohen's appetite! WEll..the child loves to eat. He eats almost everything. With the exception of fruits and vegetables. I have to find ways to hide those in his food


Mom went on a trip with some of the family to the Smoky Mountains. So on her way she made a pit stop by Birmingham! Thanks Gam :). Aunt Sue and Uncle Gene came to Birmingham to meet up with Mom so Mom and Aunt Sue could ride together. So Cenley got to meet some new family members!! We enjoyed a nice visit with them and the boys absolutely enjoyed showing off for them and showing off their toys.


No we have not had any snow lately..luckily it has been pretty nice. But, once again I am behind and want to post our snow pictures from last month. We have had quite a few days of snow but only once did it actually stick. So of course we had to bundle up the kids and get them out a few minutes before Cooper went to school. The boys loved it and I just wanted to get Cenley's picture out there for her first snow :).