My Family

My Family

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cenley Grace hits the 2 week mark

My sweet baby girl is growing so much already! I can't believe she is already 2 weeks old. We had her 1st Doctor check up at 1 week and she was still 6 lbs 9oz. But, I can tell she has really filled out this past week and has grown a little.
We have already had a photo shoot with her which was so much fun for me! Melissa Well's did her photos and came to our house and did a complete set up in our dining room. I couldn't believe all of the props. There were heaters and warming blankets which kept her happy. It was so much fun to watch her get all dressed up and pose for pictures. Absolutely adorable!
I have had some fun dressing her up as well. :) The boys are doing great with Cenley. I am amazed at what a big helper Cooper is being with his's a lot different than when we had Cohen. Cohen on the other hand is a little rough so I have to keep her up and away from him. He doesn't understand quite yet but I think he will be a wonderful big brother.

Grandparents visit with Cenley

We had a visit from the Grandparents this past weekend excited to see their new Granddaughter as well as see the boys! They brought some lunch which we greatly appreciated and had a fun time outside with the kids. Everyone enjoyed their time holding Cenley and playing with the attention seeking Cooper and Cohen! We also had a visit from Bryson and his wife Juli and 2 girls. The kids played hard together while Clay was able to visit with his cousin.
Cenley was given some beautiful gifts! Lots of clothes and a beautiful blanket!
The boys weren't left out with some Trains and about a years worth of pj's! :) Thanks Nana and Mama Pat! As usual I think the Grandparents were ready to get home and rest after a long day of playing.
We had so much fun and really enjoyed the visit!


Monday, October 4, 2010

First Week

We have only been home a few days now with our sweet little bundle of joy! I can definitely tell there will be some big changes, but so excited to experience them. Clay and I both know that our family is now complete. The next few years will probably be pretty difficult but so worth it!
Mom is here to help for several weeks and I don't know if I would survive without it. Cohen really wants me to hold him and I so wish I could, but it helps to have someone that can hold him for me and I can still love on him. And of chauffeur the boys around to school and things like that until i can drive. Clay's Mom brought us a bag full of tricks to the hospital which was Very helpful as well! Clay got his rest with the earplugs she packed and the headband she put in for me. He thought it was a blindfold and slept with it on the couch. Glad I didn't need him too much in the night he would have never heard me! :) So if he says he didn't get sleep..Please! The nurse was laughing during the night when she came in because he was snoring so loud! Ha..he did need it though.
Cooper has been my really big helper too. He LOVES his sister and can't stand to see her cry. He tells me she needs to eat or go night night. I am so happy to see his reaction to her. And he wants to make his Mommy all better as well. I will post a picture of his gift to Mommy last night..soon. I was laying in the bed yesterday and he brought me a sand bucket full of his favorite toys and said they were for me to "feel better." I had a bucket full of every train that he loves, a ball, and favorite frog. Seriously the best gift you can get is one from the heart. That melted me!!
So I will post a few more pictures of our week.


We have really enjoyed sharing our precious baby with some of our friends and family
over the past few days. We feel so blessed to have so many people who have come to
welcome her to this world. Here are a few pictures! Wish I could put more up on blogger but I will definitely be putting lots up on the website.
And Kelli..I can't believe we did not take pictures while you were here. I need you to come back for a photo shoot! :) That's what happens when Clay is not around to remind me to take pictures.