My Family

My Family

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Birthday Part 2

So, for Cohen's birthday we planned a family trip to the zoo! We found a new nice zoo here near us! We had such a wonderful time together. All of the kids really enjoyed the animals. I was happy to see Cohen and Cenley both really paying attention to all of the animals. By far Cohen enjoyed the chimpanzees the most. He loves Monkeys. They put on a major show for us too. There was a little place the kids could put their feet in the water and of course Cohen met a new friend. (always an adult) He cuddled with her for a good 5 minutes, I really don't know what to do with him. Luckily she was a Grandma and enjoyed it. After the zoo we picked up a pizza and went home to Party. Pizza, cake and opening presents was the closing and it went over great. Cohen loved having this day being all about HIM, we need to give him more days like this.


Cooper Ashton has officially graduated preschool. What a huge milestone, finishing preschool and going to Elementary school next year. HUGE! I am so excited for him but nervous at the same time. It will be nice that his new school is one block away and we can walk there. The hours are 8:30-1:30 so it won't even be a full day! But, still big and exciting. Graduation was short and sweet! The kids walked out one by one and stood with their teachers to get a diplomat. They posed for a picture and then walked down the aisle. Cute, they all did great. We let Cooper choose where we went for dinner and of course he chose Mexican. So, after graduation Clay gave him his balloon and treats and we went for his Celebration meal. We were all so Proud of our Cooper!

Cohen's 3!

Cohen is 3. It really is hard to believe Cohen is already 3. I say that mainly because he just seems like my little baby still. Three was my favorite age with Cooper and I have a feeling it will be with Cohen as well. Seems like in they year between 3 and 4 they just grow into little boys so fast! But, oh the fun in watching them grow. Cohen is such a sweetie pie..our little Love Bug, I tell you he is going to melt some girls hearts! Instead of just walking Cohen has decided he likes to jump everywhere he goes. I think it's great because he is not the most active little boy, love to watch him jump and he has also decided he likes to play a little ball. :) Cohen had his 3 year check up today. Doctor wants me to work on his weight but other than that he is a Healthy boy! She is also working on getting us some help for his vocabulary! :) I will do another post about PARTY Day!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

More Mobile

So, did I forget to mention that we also brought home a new baby from Mobile? Yes, we adopted a beautiful bouncing black Lab named Jet. I saw Jet on facebook, he was going to be put down if not adopted. Broke my heart to saw the picture of this beautiful baby that just needed a home. So, the adoption people found a shelter for him for a month until we made our trip to Mobile. When we went to pick Jet up I was in a little bit of shock. He was a LOT bigger than I expected :). They said 50 lbs so I thought ok Mobie's size. Well, I learned he had been malnourished and was really skinny, but also tall! Long legs. Jet is full of puppy energy so we are having to make major adjustments around here, but he is very Loved. Jet loves to go on long walks with Clay. Clay has found a wonderful spot he can let Jet run and he absolutely loves it. So, we flew out of B-ham and we were able to stay the night there and spend the day Nana and Grandpa. We had a picnic lunch at the park, played there and ice cream later. We really enjoyed our time with them it just seemed to go so fast!! Love you Nana and Grandpa! :)

More Mobile

Of course we hit a lot of our favorite restaurants while home. 1st on the list is always Original Oyster house, and Cooper even got to see a big alligator! Gammy took Cooper to the Party Castle twice :). While I was visiting with Grandma she had to keep him busy :). And we went on his first bowling trip. Clay doesn't like to touch the "dirty" ball so I was happy to get to go as well! Sure wish we could have stayed longer, but we really enjoyed our visit!

Mobile trip

Cooper and I flew home to Mobile about a month ago. After the previous experience flying home we knew we couldn't fly the whole family for a while. Grandma was in the hospital and I really wanted to visit with her. I am so glad we did. Cooper and I both were able to spend time with Grandma at the hospital. She did tricks with her bed for Cooper and showed him all of her bobo's. The experience wasn't ideal, of course we would have loved a visit with a healthy Grandma, but it was nice to have a chance to say Goodbye. She was so loved and will forever be missed.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Easter...Ummm... yes, I am just now writing about Easter. I am so far behind I don't even know everything I have left out. I get the pictures uploaded on the computer and am always overwhelmed. So, I will try to get this all updated once again and do my best to write more often. Our Easter was very simple but nice! Since we do not have any family here we do things a lot more relaxed and less formal. We went to the Easter service Sunday morning and picked up some food after and went for a picnic at a park we had not explored yet. Beautiful area! Oh and let me not forget the Easter Bunny did come to visit the kids and they were thrilled with all of the goodies. Cenley got a broom set and a few other goodies, Cohen got books and a puzzle, and Cooper got a Batman watch. We died Easter eggs the day before Easter and the kids really enjoyed doing that! I will post a few of the pictures we attempted. If you haven't noticed Cohen does NOT like having his picture made so it's kind of difficult for him. :)