My Family

My Family

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Grandparents visit with Cenley

We had a visit from the Grandparents this past weekend excited to see their new Granddaughter as well as see the boys! They brought some lunch which we greatly appreciated and had a fun time outside with the kids. Everyone enjoyed their time holding Cenley and playing with the attention seeking Cooper and Cohen! We also had a visit from Bryson and his wife Juli and 2 girls. The kids played hard together while Clay was able to visit with his cousin.
Cenley was given some beautiful gifts! Lots of clothes and a beautiful blanket!
The boys weren't left out with some Trains and about a years worth of pj's! :) Thanks Nana and Mama Pat! As usual I think the Grandparents were ready to get home and rest after a long day of playing.
We had so much fun and really enjoyed the visit!

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