My Family

My Family

Friday, December 31, 2010

White Christmas

We got a beautiful White Christmas this year! How wake up with beautiful snow flakes to watch all day. Not much stuck, but it was so fun to watch and enjoy. We actually had to wake Cooper up for Christmas this year. Brent's kiddos were waiting patiently in their tent so they could come up and see what Santa had brought. So Clay woke up the boys so they could all go in together. The kids loved all of their gifts and yes it was Wild with 6 kids getting their Christmas in one small area but so fun! The adults did our stockings. We had a nice breakfast and then opened up our family gifts. Lots of wonderful presents, but most of all I think we just enjoyed being together (at least I did). :)
The kids got to play all day with their presents and later when a little snow stuck the Clay and Brent took them out to play. Avery was ready to do her snow angels and the boys and dogs played hard. Clay of course took Cooper to the top of the hill in the woods and let him ride the snow board down!
We had a wonderful late lunch. I ate way too much and we have just finished with the left overs. Thank you Gammy for all you did..we would have never accomplished all of that with out you!! And there is more..To be continued..

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