My Family

My Family

Friday, December 31, 2010

Cohen's 1st Haircut

I have had a hard time bringing myself to take Cohen to have his 1st haircut!! I love
his precious hair and it just means he is a big boy. But, there has been no taming the mess so I had to break down and do it! Clay had trimmed it a little but never a full out hair cut!
I of course waited until Mom was in town so I could have HELP! There was quite a little wait with Mom and all 3 kids but we accomplished it. Cohen found him a friend while waiting. My kids meet no strangers (which is kind of scary). This rather large man kept talking to Cohen and Cohen was just checking him out. All of a sudden he decided to go over to the man and climb up on his lap. :) Yes I allowed it, Shocker! It was adorable.
Here are a few action shots! Cohen was great..although he was very interested in touching the comb and scissors.

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