My Family

My Family

Monday, April 4, 2011


I have recently become a real Soccer Mom! We found the perfect place in Chelsea for Cooper to play soccer. It's only one day a week, which is perfect for us! It's one hour long. They do drills with the kids for the first half and they play a game the second half.
Cooper started last week and was a little confused. He loved doing the drills but during the game he kind of walked the field most of the time. He came to us once and asked for a snack. :) Told him he could wait at least an hour for food.
This past Sunday we saw a lot of progression. He went out and did the drills and ran the field with the other kids the entire time. He really only had the ball once but he stuck with it. I think he wants to be a Goalie because he stays in the net a LOT! :)
We are very proud of our Cooper for playing his best and having great Sportsmanship!

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