My Family

My Family

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cenley meets her Grandma

This past visit was really exciting because it was the first time Grandma (my Dads Mom) met Cenley. We had Grandma and Aunt Joyce over for lunch one day. The boys were so excited to see them but I think it was a little much for Grandma. Understandably. Grandma gave Cooper some coins to put in his piggy bank and that was really exciting for Cooper.
I decided to take Cenley over to Grandma's another day so she had some one on one time with Cenley. A lot easier for her to hold her and enjoy her with out my Wild boys!

We also went to see Aunt Sue and Uncle Gene's new house. (which is beautiful) We couldn't stay long because once again the kids are WILD and were not contained with toys. But, Uncle Gene had his golf cart out and gave the boys a ride around the property. They Loved it!

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