My Family

My Family

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Boys

I have been waiting patiently for my Boys to play together. Not just in
the same room but actually "together." Well, I am seeing my dream come true
more and more lately. Cooper has really found ways to play with Cohen. He gets
down to his level and does things he thinks Cohen will like. We ate our dinner outside last night and the boys sat at their table. Cooper wanted to sit next to Cohen. Next thing we know he is feeding Cohen his food. Not that Cohen needs help with that anymore but in Cooper's eyes Cohen is still a baby. He was asking Cohen where his nose, eyes, and ears were. So cute to watch him try to teach Cohen things. It's obviously what he has seen me doing with Cohen.
The other day I went downstairs to the play room to see what the boys were up to. It was way to quiet, which usually means they are up to no good. The picture I put up will show what I found.. :). They had turned on a movie for themselves gotten in the recliner "together" and were covered up with a blanket! That was the best moment ever!!

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  1. So glad to see the boys playing together now! We knew it would happen but the worry was "when".