My Family

My Family

Monday, April 25, 2011


We had a fun and relaxing Easter Celebration at home! The Easter Bunny visited the kids, we went to Church, attempted pictures, played outside, grilled and hunted eggs with the neighbors. Perfect day I would say..well other than having our extended family all together!
Cenley was up first so we were able to spend time with her 1st Easter and Easter Basket. She really enjoyed digging in her bucket to see what she had. I thought it was funny that she kept grabbing the that what I am in store for? :)
Cohen was up next and went straight to his bucket and grabbed his Pluto and then went to get Cenley's Minnie Mouse. Not surprised, because his favorite baby is Mickey Mouse! Then he dove in to his candy. Really glad the Easter Bunny didn't give him too much of that stuff! Finally Cooper was up..and he slowly came in to check out his goodies. He surprised me how calm he was about it. He has talked about the Easter Bunny coming for a week. His favorite thing was Cohen's book..he immediately started reading it. Love all these memories being made!

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