My Family

My Family

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So when I say trip home this is actually about our trip to Chelsea (which is still home to me) and also our trip Back to California. (OH NO) I was so excited to go back to Chelsea even if it was just a quick one day trip. Cooper had been asking about our Old house and his friends almost every day. Oh and also our old Mexican restaurant. :) So I wanted to see some friends but also I think we all needed some closure with the sale of the house. It was really weird seeing someone else's things at our house, but it really helped Cooper see other people actually living there (and me). It's just not ours anymore. We went to see our friends "The Fieldings" and also Kelly who I surprised at home :). I had to go see my Kelli and her new sweet baby Kenna. I can not believe I did not bring my camera and take pictures, it just kills me. Kenna was sleeping but I waited it out until I got to hold that sweet baby girl!!! Love her.
The next morning we had to get up early and trek back to Atlanta to fly back home. So, I have left the flight to the last part of my story because it's the last thing I really wan to think about. Our first flight to Atlanta went ok. We had to wake up really early and get to the San Jose airport. We had to catch a bus from the parking lot to the terminal. And um well somehow I left my carry on and my purse at the bus stop. Aghhhh! It had my walled, kindle, diapers everything we had to have! So Clay RAN back and it was still there, thankfully. That was just the beginning. The kids were actually pretty good. But, Cenley cried off and on the entire flight every time. I think her ears were hurting because she never cries like that.
But, on the way home. That's another story. It was AWFUL!!!!!!!! I can't even explain how bad it was and I won't. Let's just say Hard, Exhausting, Humbling. It makes me want to be more gracious and kind to others when they are struggling. That's all I have to say about that!

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