My Family

My Family

Friday, January 6, 2012

Baby Jesus

I have lots of blogs that I am behind on, and I promise they are coming. But, I really want to write this one today so I remember this conversation with Cooper correctly.

Cooper has just started really understanding and putting together who Jesus is. Still obviously very confusing to him that we talk to God/Jesus, but can't see him. In the car today Cooper was asking me and telling me a lot about "Baby Jesus." He asked me where Jesus lives. I told him he is in Heaven, but Jesus is everywhere. I explained he is always with him and lives in his heart.

So, Cooper explained to me that Jesus was born on a farm in the hay. He also said that Mommy's belly was really big and Mommy had a baby, and it was Jesus. I said No that Mommy had Baby Cenley and Baby Jesus was born from Mary. He asked where Mary lived, and I explained. He said he didn't know Mary! :)

Then Cooper went on to tell me that Baby Jesus plays with his toys, plays hide and seek with him and lives in his heart. He said he loves him very much!

These are the conversations I am enjoying with Cooper and look forward to more of these in the future!

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