My Family

My Family

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tennis in the Park!

We have been very busy this past month or so. I try to pack way too much in and usually everything comes at once. I had Bunco at my house not too long ago, both boys birthdays are this month, and several other b-day's and Father's Day! Whew! We obviously can't do it all but we try. So a few weeks ago we had some time to ourselves and took the boys to the park and I had an opportunity to get Cooper on a tennis court. We play tennis at home and watch it on tv, but he had never seen a tennis court before. I was very happy to see how excited he was and attentive. He really listens to directions and gives it his best. Cohen was on the side lines taking notes :).
I don't know what sport and activities Cooper will be involved in in the years to come but I know he will be well rounded. He seems to like to dabble in them all. He loves to play with his Daddy's skateboards and things and the other day Clay got my wakeboard down for Cooper to try on and he was in heaven!

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