My Family

My Family

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My baby turned 3!!!

Cooper was so ready to get his mitts on those fish!
Cohen..enjoying cake!
Mikeeta, Michael, and Kiley
Erich and Cooper having some fun in the pool!
Kelly, Bill and Erich

As of yesterday I have a 3 year old! I can't believe Cooper is already 3. We have celebrated pretty much all month with the boys, but this past weekend we had a small b-day party for Cooper. His first Big Boy party. We did an Under the Sea theme. We thought it would be fun to set up water games and things outside for the kids. As usual my outdoor events (such as the wedding) bring Rain! So we didn't set up the slip and slide or play the water balloon games but we did have a pool on the patio for the boys to play in. Luckily the rain slowed down enough for them to get out and have a good time. We had our neighbor Erich and his family and Kiley and his family. We all enjoyed hanging out and watching the boys play!
Kiley (6 months) had a fun time in the swing. And Erich and Cooper played hard. We had Nemo cupcakes and ice cream at the end! Fun times..we love celebrating such special times with our special friends! We missed having some of our other friends at the celebration but we were thinking about you :).

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  1. Looks like Cooper and Erich had fun! Cohen was enjoying some yummy birthday cake too!!
    Can't believe he is 3 years old. How time flies!