My Family

My Family

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Cohen

We had a small celebration for Cohen's 1st Birthday recently. Cohen's favorite toys at our
house is definitely Thomas the train! He can't stay away from the train set. So needless to say
we used the Thomas theme :). Clay's parents and Grandmother and my Mom came to our house for our party. We actually celebrated Cooper's 3rd b-day with them too while they were here. It's the month of birthdays for us!!
We grilled some hamburgers and then had cake and ice cream! Cooper was the most excited about having balloons! We had cake right at the boys nap time and you could tell Cohen was tired..he actually almost fell asleep while eating his cake. But not before getting enough icing on him to turn him blue! Lots of fun..we look forward to celebrating Cooper's 3rd b-day Saturday with a few of our friends! I will put some more pictures on the website..but these are a few cute ones.


  1. Cohen certainly enjoyed the icing even if he didn't get any of the cake! He is a sweety!