My Family

My Family

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day

We were able to go and visit Clay's family for part of Memorial Day weekend. We drove to Guntersville after church on Sunday and stayed through Monday! Momma Pat offered her downstairs for us to stay where we could spread out. Worked out great! The boys had a really fun time playing. Cooper of course stayed with his Grandpa a good part of the time and Cohen was just well..everywhere! I am surprised I don't have any pictures of Grandpa and Cooper..they must be on Clay's phone. But, some great pictures of Cooper and his Daddy swimming in the lake. Cooper liked getting in the lake but was way more interested in watching his Daddy do flips off of the diving board! Clay wasn't feeling well but made sure to show off for his son :).
We had lots of good food, fun times and memories made!

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  1. i know you and clay have enjoyed getting the boys in the lake and on the tennis court - 2 of your favorite things! lookds like fun...