My Family

My Family

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cohen's 3!

Cohen is 3. It really is hard to believe Cohen is already 3. I say that mainly because he just seems like my little baby still. Three was my favorite age with Cooper and I have a feeling it will be with Cohen as well. Seems like in they year between 3 and 4 they just grow into little boys so fast! But, oh the fun in watching them grow. Cohen is such a sweetie pie..our little Love Bug, I tell you he is going to melt some girls hearts! Instead of just walking Cohen has decided he likes to jump everywhere he goes. I think it's great because he is not the most active little boy, love to watch him jump and he has also decided he likes to play a little ball. :) Cohen had his 3 year check up today. Doctor wants me to work on his weight but other than that he is a Healthy boy! She is also working on getting us some help for his vocabulary! :) I will do another post about PARTY Day!

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