My Family

My Family

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Beach Day in January

We have had some lovely 70 something days lately, so we decided to take full advantage and go to Santa Cruz yesterday!  We have only been one time, but never hit all the popular spots so we decided to do that!  First we went to the Wharf for lunch, which was really nice, but we had to walk past a roller roaster and other rides and an arcade, so there was no way the kids would let us leave without playing a little there. After a really nice lunch with a beautiful view of the ocean we walked back to the hectic craziness rides area, which is totally not my thing!  Clay found out that Cohen was not tall enough to do the roller coaster, and if you know Cohen you know he LOVES LOVES to ride roller coasters, they have a track and they are the closes thing to a train, and he loves that rush!  He had a minor breakdown, but he actually calmed himself down, (which he has worked hard on the past 2 years).  He stopped after and told himself to "Just Breathe." He took a deep breath and we kept going. So cool to see. The kids did a ride and then we got the heck out of there and went to a different beach!

Clay took us to a beach he had heard of that has natural bridges! Absolutely beautiful!  We also hit it right for the low tide there and were able to see some sea urchins and other little things. The kids really enjoyed exploring on the rocks.  Once again, that beach was super crowded and I like the area to be peaceful and relaxing. So, it was a great experience, but not going to be our new spot. Back to Monterey and Carmel we will go!!

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