My Family

My Family

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Autism A Blessing?

I look at Cohen every day in complete an utter amazement. I am so overwhelmed everyday with him. When I say overwhelmed I don't mean with work I mean the love I feel when I look at him.  The first half of Cohen's life I felt overwhelmed, seriously overwhelmed like how am I going to do this??? Why me? Why did God give me a special needs child?  I am not the most patient person and I never thought I had the gift of taking care of a child like him.  We (Clay and I) struggled and we still do with knowing how to parent him properly, but we just do our best and take it day by day.

Cohen is teaching me probably more than I am teaching him. I am learning to have more patience for sure and to have more compassion for others.  Cohen loves with all of his heart..all of the time! Wow,  how can that not be a gift?

I watch my big 5 year old boy progress daily in his talking, (actually sometimes I can't make him stop), his art work,  riding a bike (which we didn't know he would ever do), and even starting to throw a ball a little. (I don't think he will be an athlete :))  Cohen knows all of his numbers and letters and is learning site words at school.

Just over a year ago I was wondering if we would ever know how how he felt, what he needed, if he would have any friends, have any passions (other than Thomas).  I know I am lucky, I know that I am blessed, some parents aren't ever able to know the thoughts of their children or how their child feels. I get that, I am getting more than that. I am Blessed.

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  1. Cohen is such a sweet and loving child. You never know, God may have blessed you with Cohen to help you with patience, but whatever he has taught and helped us learn to be compassionate where others are concerned. You never know what they may be going through! I no longer want a child to be quite in a store or wherever.