My Family

My Family

Monday, August 18, 2014


A long long time ago Clay and I used to visit this beautiful Lake called Smith Lake.  We were dating and if I was going to be dating him that meant I would have to adjust to spending weekends and every evening on a lake. That's how it was, our off days were on a a boat and Clay was wakeboarding. We camped, roughed it

and enjoyed life with our 2 dogs. :)  Clay had always told me he wanted to one day live on the Lake and slowly his dream became my dream.

But, as life became real we were married, had 3 kids and up and moved to California! We had to sell the boat and do the Baby and mini van thing for the past 7 years. Fun years but no time or money for a boat.

We have continuously talked about our Dreams and Lake Life, and have made part of that a reality. We found the perfect house for us on Smith Lake. Although we will only be able to visit once a year, we have a place now in Alabama we can call home!   So...our first visit as a family was Last month and it was wonderful! We were able to visit with a lot of friends and family. 2 weeks was not nearly enough time to see everyone and we do hope to catch up with more friends next time!

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  1. We so enjoyed being together! It is beautiful and before you know it you'll be back!