My Family

My Family

Friday, May 9, 2014

My Cohen

I can't believe Cohen will be 5 years old next month! Sometimes it feels like it and sometimes time just seems to be flying by!  I have so much Love for Cohen it is really indescribable.  Something I have only shared with a few people I am going to share now. I really had such a hard time bonding with him as a baby. I don't know why, I wondered if it was because he was immediately taken from me and in the Nicu for a week or if it was because he was my second and I couldn't completely focus on him. Or was it that I didn't understand him, the way he never looked at me or react like Cooper had. I don't know and I don't care anymore. Our first 2 years were so amazingly hard and I felt like I was doing something wrong because of the tantrums and all that came with his Autism. But, now that Clay and I really "get" him so much more and he is able to express his feelings with us now, my heart just overflows with Love I didn't know I had. He is the most wonderful, smart, loving, funny little boy and I am so proud of who he is and who he is becoming.

We are still doing Lots of therapy. 5 days a week of preschool (3 hours) which he Loves.  9 hours a week of ABA therapy (at our house) and 1 hour a week of occupational therapy.  The ABA therapist have goals set for him that extend for about 3 months and if he reaches them they add new goals.  He has been mastering the goals each time. He is writing his name, learned his Address, asking questions. The hardest part is trying to get him to carry on a conversation but it is slowly coming.

Cohen learned to Swim this past weekend. Wow!!! I have been so nervous about Cohen in water because he is completely fearless at the Beach and around large areas with water. But, now that is conquered.  Cooper is so proud of his brother and is trying to teach him to dive :). Cooper says we now only have Cenley to "train."

Cohen and Cenley are little best friends lately. They dress up EVERY day as Mario and Princess Peach and they call each other by those names when they are in costume. They play pretend tea parties and Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I just love these times.

We continue to do a dairy and gluten free diet for Cohen and we do our best to do the same for ourselves. we know that this has helped speed along some our goals.  Thank you all for loving us and loving him.

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