My Family

My Family

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I have not made the time for blogs lately, so I am just going to do an update on our Family! This is my one consolidated catch-up and I will try to do better. :) My Mom came recently to stay with us to celebrate Christmas. We were not able to travel this year, I just don't know how we will do that again for a while. :( We planned to take Mom to do several new things but of course this is CA rainy season so we didn't have a lot of nice days. We did go to a Winery, which was nice, see some Redwoods and go to the Children's Museum. Christmas was nice and somewhat relaxed. It was nice to kind of create some of our traditions. Clay and I have been trying to do some updates on the house during the not so sunny days. It's feeling so much more like home with our personal touch's. The house isn't huge but the layout is Great and is just perfect for us! We are planning on painting the kitchen cabinets and my armoire in the Great Room...I will post pictures when there is some progress. The kids are all happy and healthy! Yay!!! Cooper was out of school for 2 weeks and just went back today. He was ready and I think we were all ready for a schedule again. We worked on his reading some over the break so I am hoping things will progress for him in this next half of the year. He is so so Close!! Favorite things are video games, super heros and any type of ball sport! Also, he just loves to help me bake! Cohen is back in his routine with 2 therapies a week and improving daily!! I just love all his sweet words, and the fact that he is understanding more and more of what we are saying to him. We find out on the 18th what his evaluation results are and what program they will put him in for preschool. I think he will LOVE school. Favorite things for him to do at home are legos, trains (of course), and puzzles. Cenley Grace is 2 going on 6. She thinks she is a Big girl! Cenley has been in a big girl bed since 17 months (mainly because of our moving), refused to even sit in a booster seat now for 6 months, has her 3 year molars. Cenley is fun loving, sassy, tomboy that loves to do what Cooper is doing. Throwing rocks, playing in the dirt while wearing a princess dress. But, she also likes to follow me around and do what I do. She likes to clean, wear cute clothes, and carry a "bop bop." Clay is loving his job more than ever, enjoying to run and bike! Even talking about doing a triathalon. I am keeping him busy with projects around the house but he spends lots of time with the kiddos..especially with the X box Kinect! :) I am busy! :) I didn't think I would be happy in CA but I am. Now that we are out of San Jose and into more of a rural area I love it. I am happy that my family is happy. I do miss Alabama though, and hope to go back eventually. There are so many adventures to be made here and I am up for it. Especially with Cohen thriving with all the help he is getting.

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