My Family

My Family

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Oh my little Cohen how we Love you! Cohen is the most loving, cuddly, sweet little boy. Full of quirks, and hard to figure out, which makes him that much more loveable. Most people don't know how much we have struggled and still do with communicating with Cohen. It causes things to be really hard because he gets really frustrated and breaks down and has temper tantrums because we can't understand him. We have worked with him a Lot, with sign language and ways to communicate. He has improved so much I am so happy to say!!
In just the past few weeks Cohen has been repeating lots of words and phrases and doing his animal sounds. He's actually a really funny little guy. Today Cohen was saying some of his numbers letters and repeating all of his colors! Wow!! Seriously a lot of improvement lately. So, he was taking in everything just not able to verbalize it.

We so love our little man, and I just had to write a special blog for him today just to say how proud I am of him!!!

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