My Family

My Family

Monday, March 7, 2011

Cenley 5 months

The baby stage is going by so so fast! I just want to hold on to each moment
I have with my baby girl. Every time she has a first I treasure it because I am pretty sure it's the last of the baby stages I will experience until ummm Grand babies :).

Cenley is 15 1/2 lbs now. She is the happiest baby which I am so thankful for. She loves her brothers and appreciates their humor! She has rolled over once which I thought was great and cute! But..I am not completely ready for her to be mobile.

I have so much fun dressing her up and taking her on shopping trips with me! Enjoying it all when I can!

Cenley loves her baby food the messiness has started. Glad she is taking solids but it is not fun! Here are a few pictures of our Princess!

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  1. What a little bundle of joy! Can't wait to see her and get some baby kisses!