My Family

My Family

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chelsea Christmas Parade

This past Saturday our small town of Chelsea had a Christmas Parade! It's the small things like this that really help me get even more into the Christmas spirit. This was the second time Cooper has attended the parade so it's also something that is becoming a Christmas "tradition" for us. We really had to bundle up for the parade it was very COLD out.
Cooper had the most fun catching candy this year. He asked us each time Yea? before he picked up a piece of candy. I better enjoy that while I can. He then thought he had to eat each piece right away when he got it.

Cohen on the other hand was bundled up in the stroller but did not want to wear his hat and did not want to sit still. So..he ended up taking a nap in the car (warm and cozy) while the parade was going. By the way..we watched the parade from the back of our car, no babies were left unattended. :).

There were lots of floats, fire trucks, bands and decorated cars and trucks. By far my favorite is always the fire truck with the "dalmation." :)

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  1. Can't imagine why the fire truck with dalmation would be your favorite! He is a pretty dog standing up there. Cooper looked like he was having fun.