My Family

My Family

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas Time 2014's December already!! And I am so in the Christmas Spirit this year!  The day after Thanksgiving we went to our favorite Christmas tree farm here and found the perfect tree for us! I love doing's so fun and the kids love the experience. All the kids were able to help cut down the tree this year, pretty cute! Cenley found a stump she worked at for a while trying to cut down? :) The Gilroy newspaper took our families picture while we were there, so we will see..we might end up movie stars! Ha Ha
The next day we turned on Christmas music, had hot chocolate and had a lot of fun decorating. I am glad we don't have 10 trees in our house though, it took us a few hours to accomplish the one :).

Loving the memory making and family time together.

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