My Family

My Family

Sunday, December 15, 2013

I am Back

Well I have been missing in action from the blog world for a while, but I have "thought about" posting, doesn't that count? I really think this is one of the best ways for me to update all of my family/friends and family about our lives and I need to take advantage of it.

I will start today with just trying to update on all the kids!

Starting with Cooper...
Cooper is doing great in school, I think he is caught up now on some things that I was concerned with, reading and writing. He is doing so much better and doing GREAT with math. (gets that from his Daddy)  Still working on trying to "focus" at school but I think that will come.  I hope...  Cooper is about to start Basketball for the first time with Upward Sports. He has wanted to play for a while, and i am thinking this will be good for him.  He is also doing Awana at Church. He looks forward to it every week, and does great learning his verses.  I am very proud of Cooper and I can see him shaping up into a great young man!

Now Cohen...
There is so much to say about the changes we have seen with Cohen. Truly Amazing!  Cohen is now potty trained, Praise Jesus! I still have to "remind" him at the times to go, but he takes care of all the steps which is wonderful!  We have 5 days a week of therapy. We have some Awesome, caring and loving people in our lives. 3 days a week we have ABA therapy and the therapist come into our house and work with him, which is a total of 9 hours.  The other two therapies are Speech and Occupational for 1 hour each. With the total overhaul in our diets and all of the work he is doing it is completely coming together. Cohen is telling us his feelings with sentences and asking for what he needs. We still have melt downs and lots of sensory stuff to work on, but it feels so good to have the ability to talk with our son and have some understanding of his needs.

And lastly our Princess Cenley...
This girl is one of the sweetest, wildest, most strong willed girls EVER! :) She loves her family, her pets and her friends and likes to "take care" of them. I would say she is a TomBoy Princess.  She loves to get dirty and play in the dirt while wearing a Dress! I am seeing her turn into a more grown up girl, I see her finally trying to help me with chores, clean up her room and she enjoys having her hair done (Finally).  Although she is very feisty she is also a sweetheart and we love her very much!!

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