My Family

My Family

Monday, April 1, 2013


One of the most difficult things about living in California is being away from family. I love getting together with all of the extended family having meals, playing games, and eating some more! My kids don't like all of the typical holiday foods so I didn't bother making all of the fixings for just us. Kind of sad, I think I might just do it next year anyway, just for traditions sake. We thought it was going to rain on Easter so we did our main Easter egg hunt on Saturday. All 3 kids did great! I loved watching them all participate. Cooper of course had his basket loaded and the babies had a select few, so he had to re hide them for the little 2 to find. They loved it. Cohen stopped and opened his eggs every time he found one and ate the candy out, then left the egg where he found it. :) The Easter Bunny showed up Sunday morning with lots of goodies and the kids loved that. Cooper was shocked that the Easter bunny didn't bring much candy, mainly toys. Hmmm...that smart bunny! We went to the Easter service and I loved it when we were on the way home and Cooper told the Easter story to us, very nicely. He had many more details in there than I had explained to him. We did color eggs and make Easter cupcakes. Fun times and Great memories being made!

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  1. we were on our own too cara and I didn't cook! Loved your easter outfit and your hair is so long!!