My Family

My Family

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cooper's 5

Well..once again this post is late coming, but finally trying to catch up. I can't believe we just celebrated Cooper's 5th birthday. Sometimes it feels like we have had him a LONG time :) and other times it feels like yesterday we were bringing home our baby boy from the hospital. Time goes so fast, being Clay and I really are trying to enjoy every moment with our children!! There are many sacrifices, but it is so worth it. So...on to the party part! Cooper had his 1st Real birthday party. He has had small things at our house but this our first real Event. We chose to have it at a gymnastics place, thought indoors would be ideal. Not that there is a concern for rain here! :) Cooper wanted a Super Mario party and that's what he got. It was a blast and we enjoyed having some of our new friends come and celebrate with us!

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