My Family

My Family

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


We have had such beautiful weather lately and we are trying to take advantage of it while we can! I take the boys to the zoo probably every other week. It's nice with the pass because we can stay a long time or just for a little walk around. My intentions this past time were for Cooper to play in the water mainly but he was a little intimidated by all of the kids (Spring break and field trips made it busy). So we just checked out all the animals which we can't get enough of. Cooper got an ice cream cone while we were there and I so wish I had a picture of Cohen trying to get his paws on it. They were in the stroller and he was trying so hard to get some too..he actually did get a little hand full :). I can't wait until he can eat the same things.
I had a hair appointment Saturday morning so Clay took the boys out. Cooper needed a hair cut and then Clay took them to the park. Clay got them food and they had food out at Veterans park and big fun. Cooper made some new friends and then got to watch skate boarders in a "hole." Clay loved that Cooper was interested in watching the skateboarders and wants to go back there soon. I think Clay may have found a replacement to wakeboarding until we finally have access to the water one day!

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